Belly Pork


Our belly of pork has a crisp, crunchy skin and tender ‘melt in your mouth’ meat. These rashers have a high-fat content which gives the extremely succulent meat an amazing flavour. 

This cut of meat is very versatile and can be cooked in many ways. It is delicious when it is roasted, slow-cooked or even grilled. Not only is the meat versatile, but it is also affordable, making it a very popular slice of pork.

The belly of pork comes in two sizes, so you can choose either 4 belly or 10 belly slices.

  • By slow cooking the meat, it allows the fat to render into the meat over time. Resulting in a moist and tender belly of pork.
  • If you are looking for inspiration for what to serve with your belly of pork. We recommended trying a watercress, spinach and apple salad. These light, crisp flavours blend perfectly with the richness of the meat.
  • By slow roasting the pork in the oven, it allows for a lovely contrast between the meat and the fat on the pork which creates a crispy outer layer and a soft and juicy inner; it also allows the meat to render but not as much as if it was braised or stewed so it will remain a little richer.

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