Providing the highest quality meat products.

G T Orsman are traditional West Country butchers who are committed to providing the highest quality fresh and cooked meat products, with the added confidence of traceability and good health and hygiene practices.

We pride ourselves on supplying quality meats sourced from West Country farms where welfare is utmost priority. The best quality meats come from superior quality farms.

That is why we seek out only the best West Country farms to ensure that we secure the finest animals.

We consider it imperative that our chosen farms traditionally breed, rear and care for their animals to meet our highest standards and can demonstrate their commitment to quality, consistency, and animal welfare so you can rest assured that you are receiving first-class products every time.

In addition to knowing which farm the meat has come from, we make it our business to know everything about the animal’s entire life. We make certain our meats come from farms that give the animals extensive pastures for grazing thus ensuring that the animals are raised in a low-stress environment.​

Our Products

Our range of products includes West Country Beef, Pork, Lamb, Poultry and Game when in season, along with wide range Delicatessen products including a large selection of both local and continental cheeses.

West Country Game is a speciality during the season, Venison from the Teign Valley and the Hills of Haldon and Local Game Estate, Pheasants, Partridge, Wild Duck, Handmade Venison Burgers and Sausages.

We also produce on the premises a comprehensive range of manufactured products including Award Winning Sausages, Burgers, Dry Cure Bacon, Hogs Pudding and Cooked meats.

If you have any questions about our products, please don’t hesitate to speak directly with us, we would be happy to speak with you in greater detail.

Our Ethics

Much of the food eaten in this country will have been grown or reared “to a price”. This means that the price has been decided first, and the produce reared or grown to meet this price. As consumers demand ever-cheaper food, it is inevitable that short- cuts are taken in production in order to cut costs.

Time, as always, is money and so one of the first factors to be cut. Livestock reared with modern, intensive farming methods are often breeds or hybrids, specifically developed to carry more meat. They are fed concentrated feeds to enable them to bulk up quickly, slaughtered at an early age, having been forced to grow at an unrealistic rate.

The meat is not then hung, as traditionally it would have been to develop flavour and texture.

Meat produced so quickly does not have the same richness of flavour that traditionally reared meat has.

Putting the emphasis on animal welfare means a happy stress-free animal which is more likely to provide tastier meat.