Minced Pork


Our minced pork has been expertly cut and trimmed before being ground by our experienced butchers. Not only is it extremely delicious, but it is also a great alternative to beef minced meat as it has a lower amount of cholesterol and fat content. 

Pork minced meat is great for mid-week suppers with a great variety of delicious recipes to choose from – check out our tips and recommendations below for some inspiration.

The minced meat comes in two sizes either 500g or 1kg to suit all appetites.

  • For a Thai style mid-week dinner why not try a making an incredibly quick and easy sticky pork and crispy noodle salad, the lime and chilli infusions will evoke thoughts of a hot summer’s day.
  • For a classic English dish try making a scotch egg -freshly made it will be far superior to the bought variety and they are very satisfying to make.
  • For a northern European inspired dinner, try making Sweedish meatballs, they are very easy to make with only 6 simple ingredients, and are delicious.

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