Pork Tenderloin

250grams - 300grams


Our pork tenderloins have been expertly cut by our experienced butchers with the perfect ratio of fat to meat. This cut of pork is lean and tender and when it is cooked right, is delicious and a true crowd-pleaser. 

The pork tenderloin is the pork alternative to a fillet of beef fillet and weighs approximately 250-300 grams, serving up to two people.

As with all of our pork products, the pork tenderloins are free-range which will be evident in the high quality of the meat.

  • For a simple sauce that will bring out the flavour of the pork, try a honey and garlic sauce. The two flavours combined with the pork creates a beautiful sweet and sour sticky sauce on the outside with a tender, succulent meaty centre. 
  • When cooking pork tenderloin in the oven, to help to reduce the loss of the juices and prevent shrinkage it is best to cover the meat with tin foil.
  •  It is best to sear the meat first if you are roasting the pork tenderloin, as this will help to create a beautiful golden crust on the outside of the meat.

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