Smoked Gammon Joint


Our smoked gammon joint has been smoked using natural oak wood chips which gives the meat a wonderfully rich, smokey taste. A smoked gammon joint is perfect for a special occasion and makes amazing sandwiches to have the next day.

This traditional gammon joint has been expertly hand boned and rolled by our experienced butchers and comes in 2 different sizes; 1.5 – 1.75 kg or 2.25 – 2.5kg.

  • Although it is traditionally an American recipe, slow cooking your gammon in cola is worth a try! It gives the meat a deliciously sweet, sticky taste that balances well with the saltiness of the gammon.
  • To serve a traditional gammon, serve it with a white sauce, boiled potatoes and a side of carrots.
  • If you are serving the smoked gammon over the Christmas period, serve the gammon with traditional Christmas flavours, or alongside your turkey on Christmas day.

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