Whole Shoulder of Lamb

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Serves 6


Our shoulder of lamb has a wonderfully rich, sweet taste and is a great alternative to the usual dish of leg of lamb. It is more affordable compared to a leg of lamb, making it a great choice if you fancy a mid-week roast.

The lamb shoulder has been deboned and then expertly trimmed and rolled by our experienced butchers. The meat is best cooked slowly for a longer amount of time and on low heat, it is a perfect cut of meat for curries, stews and hotpots.

The whole shoulder serves up to 6 people – and it also makes great leftovers!

  • For a change to the usual mint sauce, try making a rich dark chocolate and pepper sauce. It is surprisingly delicious and bound to impress your guests or even just yourself.
  • For best results, the lamb should be cooked for a long amount of time (roughly 4 hours) and on low heat. By cooking the lamb this way, the meat stays tender and juicy.
  • To achieve an even cook, bring the lamb out of the fridge and allow to rest for approximately an hour before cooking.

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1 review for Whole Shoulder of Lamb

  1. James Morgan

    Love Shoulder of Lambe but will never buy from supper market again after tasting Orsmans Fantastic

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