Topside of Beef

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The topside of beef is a classic roasting dish. The lean and tasty meat has been a Sunday roast favourite for generations.

Not only does it taste delicious when it is roasted as a whole joint, but also works wonderfully diced or in slow stews. Once the meat has broken down it becomes a mouth-watering piece of beef.
Our top side of beef comes in two available sizes; either between 1-1.2kg or between 2-2.2kg (average weight).

  • For a delicious outer layer of beef, create a light paste of olive oil, fresh black pepper and crushed sea salt and rub evenly all over the meat before cooking.
  • Fill your gravy jugs with boiling water and empty just before you fill them with the gravy. This should allow for your gravy to stay nice and warm throughout your roast dinner.
  • Instead of boiled sprouts, try making honey Dijon flavoured brussel sprouts. Simply add butter, honey and mustard to the sprouts before roasting them. The added mustard helps to bring the flavour of the roast beef to its full potential.

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3 reviews for Topside of Beef

  1. James Morgan

    My favourite cut of beef and from Orsmans
    Is all ways been the best 10 out of 10

  2. James Morgan

    Topside my favourite
    And always first class from Orsmans
    Cant get any better any were

  3. James Morgan

    Always have Topside and from Orsmans
    Always the best
    Another joint this week end
    First class

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