Steak Mince

4 servings per 500g


Minced lean steak will make excellent burgers, meatloaf or messy meatballs, or cook simply as minced steak with a rich gravy.

A 500g pack will provide 4 servings or 1kg will feed more or hungrier folks.

  • To make your own burgers, finely grate an onion and carrot, add some mixed herbs and mix together with your hands.  Form a ball and flatten in a medium-hot pan.  Press down a few times to ensure it is evenly cooked, flip over and cook the other side.  Enjoy!
  • A Meatzza is a pizza base made with minced beef or minced steak with Italian seasonings, topped with your favourite pizza toppings!  Try it for a new family favourite without the carbs!
  • For a simple savoury mince, brown the meat, onions and garlic, and simmer with Worcestershire sauce and beef stock – you can use cubes, add your favourite herbs -we like rosemary and thyme, and a tin of chopped tomatoes.  Simmer for an hour, and thicken as usual.  This can be the base for a cottage pie topped with mash, or a chilli con carne with kidney beans and chilli flakes, served with rice, sour cream and guacamole.

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