Smoked Hock


Our ham hock is smoked over natural oak wood chips that enhance the flavour of the meat beautifully and will add another layer of flavour to your dishes. The meat itself has been brine-cured and air-dried to create a wonderful flavour.

Smoked Hock is an affordable alternative to a whole gammon joint, it is a fantastic cut of meat to make dishes with a longer cooking time like stews, soups and pies.

You won’t need to worry about overcooking this meat either. As smoked hock usually takes between 2-8 hours to become tender. You will know when it is ready because the meat will start to fall off the bone.

  1. Ham hock cooked with lentils make a fantastic rustic stew. It is a homey meal that is not only healthy but is also delicious, with the lentils in the stew helping to keep the meat moist and rich. 
  2. If you are craving the taste of a Christmas ham, but want a more affordable and easier alternative, try glazing the ham hock in a mustard and clementine glaze before cooking it in the oven.
  3. If you do not want to boil your smoked ham hock, we recommend soaking the meat in water for roughly 12-24 hrs. This helps to reduce the salt levels in the meat.

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