Sirloin Steak


The Sirloin steak is considered to be one of the best cut steaks. This premium cut of steak is tender and flavoursome as the steaks have been matured for a minimum of 28 days before they are sold.

The steaks are great for frying, grilling or barbecuing and come in three available sizes that you can choose from. The sizes for the sirloin steaks are as follows: 170grams, 227 grams and 284 grams.

  • These premium cuts of steak should be cooked in a heavy-duty, thick iron frying pan. As these pans get extremely hot and then retain that heat, this creates a more evenly cooked steak. They can also help to create a wonderful smoky taste on the surface of the steak.
  • If you wanted to enhance the flavour of the steak with an Asian style marinade, we recommended marinating the steak in a teriyaki sauce, although most people prefer steak seasoned with just salt and pepper, a marinade can add tenderness and additional flavour to the steak.
  • When cooking your steak, we recommend using a flavourless oil. Either sunflower oil or vegetable oil is the best and once the steak is cooking, add a small amount of butter for the flavour.

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