Shin of Beef

2-3 Servings per 500g


This cut needs to be slowly cooked at a low temperature, it is an economical cut which is great for stews, and makes an unctuously delicious and thick gravy.  It is worth the wait to enjoy the flavoursome meaty melt in the mouth result.

Available in 500g (2-3 servings) or 1kg to satisfy everyone.

  • Serve with quinoa, wild garlic and parmesan.
  • Add a slosh of beer and fry up some bacon when you are browning the meat for a beef carbonnade, or substitute the beer for red wine, add some mushrooms as well, and voila- a Boeuf bourguignon!
  • Leaving your creation to eat the next day will enhance the flavour.  Simply reheat and eat!

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