Rump Steak Burger

6oz Each


Our rump steak burgers come as singles or in a multi-pack and are a real pleasure to eat. They are the perfect dish to have on a weekend night, or even to serve to guests.

These steak burgers are not only lightly spiced but are also smoked giving them an amazing depth of flavour. Our butchers use only the purest of minced rump steak, which means that not only do the burgers have plenty of flavour, they also have the perfect ratio of fat to meat, ensuring that they are incredibly juicy once cooked.

  • If you are pan-frying the steak burgers, chilling the burgers for 30 minutes before cooking can make all the difference. This technique helps the meat to stay together and keeps them as juicy as possible.
  • Sweet potato fries are a great alternative side to the classic side portion of chips. Not only are they lower in calories, but they also have a great sweet taste. For added flavour, season them with garlic and paprika before cooking.
  • If you are looking for the perfect cheese to add to your burger, we recommend trying our Afterburn cheddar, a cheese that is mixed with chillies, pepper and garlic. The flavours in the cheese work wonderfully with the steak burger.

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