Rib of Beef


Our rib of beef comes with a good covering of natural fat and marbling making it a very tender roast for any occasion.

A rib of beef is one of the best meat joints for a boxing day roast or even just a Sunday roast. With its good fat content, it creates a rich marbling effect. The rib of beef is truly the king of roasts and a pleasure to serve.

Our rib of beef comes in two sizes; 1-1.2kg and 2kg, so you can choose the perfect size to serve to your dinner guests.

  • Allow the meat to rest in a room-temperature environment for roughly 30- 60 minutes as it will allow for a more even cook.
  • A fantastic side to serve with the rib of beef is caramelised roasted baby carrots. They are very easy to make and complement the flavour of the beef extremely well.
  • Resting the meat after cooking will help make the meat juicy and tender as it allows time for the juices to be re-absorbed inside the meat rather than onto the chopping board. We recommend resting the meat for roughly 15-30 minutes by leaving it in it’s roasting tin covered with foil.

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