Pork Cocktail Sausages

Pack of 10


Our pork cocktail sausages are made from West Country free-range pork. Cocktail sausages are truly the ultimate Christmas party food.

These bite-sized delights are the perfect nibbles to serve at a dinner party. The sausages have been lightly seasoned with flavours that help bring out the natural taste of the meat.

These small pork delights come in a pack of 10 and are the perfect snack to cook, taking only 10 – 15 minutes in the oven.

  • To spice up this dish, try making an Asian style sweet and sticky glaze. Mix, honey, sesame oil and soy sauce together in a bowl, then pour the sauce onto the cocktail sausages and turn until they are fully coated. Once they are covered, cook for 10-15minutes.
  • For the classic Christmas side, wrap in streaky bacon before cooking.
  • Try glazing your cocktail sausages in honey and mustard before cooking to give them a lovely spicy, sweet taste.

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