Pheasant Boned And Stuffed

Serves 2


This traditional game dish has a unique sweet taste. It is a delicious alternative to chicken or pork. We first prepare our pheasant by deboning the bird, and we then stuff it with our own delicious homemade stuffing recipe that we have mastered over the years.

The pheasant is then rolled in our delicious streaky bacon. This not only adds to the flavour but keeps the pheasant moist and tender inside.

The pheasant will serve up to 2 people.

  • Pheasant meat is very low in fat. When cooking pheasant, it is important to roast at low temperature and cover with plenty of moisture.
  • Pheasant is traditionally served with a bread sauce. Bread sauce is surprisingly simple to make – Just simmer some milk, butter and herbs in a pan for 20 minutes, stir in your breadcrumbs and simmer for 4 minutes, stir in some mild cheese or cream, then season and serve!
  • To serve up a traditional pheasant roast dinner, trying to serve it up with all the classic trimmings and sides. This can include game chips (thinly sliced deep-fried potatoes), roast parsnips, bread sauce or red currant jelly.

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