Ox Tail

2 Servings per 500g


Is the meat of the moment, but must be cooked slowly for a deep rich flavour.  It has a silky texture from the fat marbling throughout the meat and makes a succulent, velvety stew, or a comforting ‘soul food’ soup.

A 500/550g portion will serve 2, or use 1-1.2kg for hungry people or more guests.

  • If you haven’t cooked oxtail before, it comes as a round portion, with a bone in the centre.  You know it is cooked when it easily falls off the bones for a pull-apart tender meal.
  • An Italian favourite, guazzetto, is oxtail cooked in a guzzle of red wine, served over pasta or polenta.
  • Serve your oxtail stew with garlic mash, steamed broccoli or saffron rice.

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