Mince Beef

4 Servings per 500g


Lean minced beef is easy to use, and very versatile for a ‘fuss-free’ dinner– you can create cottage pie, a timeless family favourite – mince enrobed in a flavoursome rich gravy, topped with creamy mash.  Other favourites are Spaghetti Bolognese, chilli, lasagne, or moussaka for a Mediterranean meal.

A 500g  portion will serve 4 people or 1kg to feed a larger crowd.

  • Ensure the mince is browned over medium heat prior to using in the recipe unless you are making burgers.
  • To make the top of the cottage pie crispy and browned, draw a lattice shape with the back of a fork,  dot some butter onto it, then place under a medium grill for a few minutes for a winning dish.

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