Lamb Steaks

Weight: 375-400g


Our classic lamb steaks are ideal for a mid-week treat. These steaks are best roasted or grilled and can be accompanied by many delicious sauces and sides, although we recommend the simple classic of mint sauce and new potatoes. 

The meat itself has a rich, sweet taste that, when cooked correctly, is tender and juicy. Our lamb steaks come in a pack of 3, weighing approximately 400 grams.

  • A fantastic side to serve with the lamb steaks is sauteed leeks and radishes. The freshness of the leeks and radishes complements the flavour of the lamb wonderfully.
  • A simple garlic sauce can work wonders to the lamb steaks not overpowering the taste of the meat but simply adding depth of flavour to the dish. 
  • Massage olive oil onto the steaks before cooking the steaks to help create a beautiful golden crust around the outer layer of the lamb.

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