Fresh Farm Guinea Fowl

Weight: 1.15kg (approx)


Guinea fowl have a unique sweet taste that when cooked, is halfway between chicken and pheasant. Although, the meat has more moisture than either of these birds.

The flavour of guinea fowl is not as gamey as pheasant and is a great dish to cook if you have never cooked game before and would like to try something new.

Our guinea fowl weigh approximately 1.15kg each and serve up to two people.

  • Guinea fowl contains half the amount of fat that a free-range chicken has, but this does mean that they do tend to dry out. One of our tips to prevent this is to wrap the bird in streaky bacon before cooking. Not only, will this keep it moist, but the bacon will add to the flavour of the dish.
  • If you have not cooked guinea fowl before and are unsure about the taste, adding the meat to a curry or a stew is a great way to experiment with the taste of the bird.
  • The guinea fowl season is usually in autumn. To make a fully seasonal dish, serve earthy, winter vegetables as sides, such as mushrooms, beetroots, celeriac or parsnips.

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