Fresh Duck


A whole roast duck is a dish that is rich, succulent and bursting with flavour. If done correctly, it can be a true centrepiece of a dinner party. The ducks are reared to have just the right amount of fat so the meat stays tender and skin that has just the right amount of crispiness.

These birds come from The Gardner Family Farm, based locally in Honiton, who believe strongly in raising the ducks to be as free-range as possible.

  • A roast duck best pairs with sweet and sour flavours. If you are looking for a true crowd-pleaser, we recommend trying a cherry and red wine sauce.
  • To make your roast potatoes extra crispy, save the fat from your roast duck and cover the potatoes in it before cooking.
  • To ensure your duck is tender, it is important to rest it before serving, this helps to spread the moisture in the meat around.

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