Fillet Steak


Our fillet of beef is an extremely tender and delicious cut of meat. The steaks have been matured for a minimum amount of 28 days. They have a rich, wonderful taste and when cooked properly, are so delicious that they simply melt in your mouth.

Our fillet steaks come in three available sizes; 4oz/114 grams, 6oz/170 grams and 8oz/227grams so you can pick the best size for you and your guests.

  • The rule of thumb when salting steak is at least 2 hours for every 1cm of steak. This allows time for the steak to absorb the salt and give a more even seasoning
  • To create a perfect caramelised seared crust on the steak, first, ensure the pan and the oil is hot enough (the temperature you want to aim for is roughly 200-200 degrees). Once the steak is cooking, turn it every minute so you get an even sear outside.
  • When cooking a fillet steak, we recommend following these cooking times:
    • Blue: 1½ mins each side
    • Rare: 2¼ mins each side
    • Medium-rare: 3¼ mins each side
    • Medium: 4½ mins each side

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