Fillet Half Leg of Lamb

Weight: 1.2-1.4kg


Our premium quality, juicy and tender fillet half leg of lamb is the most flavoursome and luxury roast for midweek or the weekend, and lends itself to a range of ‘done-ness’ to keep everyone happy on a Sunday.

The properly matured lean meat is succulent and great tasting, with crispy skin and a rich, tender and smooth texture.  It is the essence of springtime, and the traditional Easter lunch, but extremely enjoyable at any time of the year.  

Serving 4-5, this smaller lamb leg joint will weigh in between 1.2-1.4kg.

  • Make small holes with a sharp knife, distributed evenly around the roast, stud with a sliver of garlic – or a whole peeled clove if you are feeling brave, and sink a sprig of rosemary into each hole for a succulent and delicious meat.
  • For a twist on the classic lamb flavourings of garlic, rosemary and mint, why not try coating your meat in a simple herb crust or anoint with a juniper and rosemary rub.
  • To ensure your roast is at it’s absolute best, always let the meat sit at room temperature for an hour or so before roasting it.

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