Diced Lamb

3-4 Servings per 500g


A favourite for traditional or more exotic tastes such as tagines – a tasty Moroccan stew served with couscous, or lamb curry or kebabs. For a more traditional meal, a potato topped melt in the mouth lamb hotpot will be a taste of home, or a simple succulent casserole waiting at home for you after a long day.

A 500g pack will provide 3-4 servings or 1kg will feed more.

  • Stir some mint sauce into your casserole or hotpot to shake up the flavour!
  • Lamb/Lancashire hotpot was created during the industrial revolution in Lancashire.  It was a simple meal that could be left to cook all day so that it was ready for the hungry workers when they got home.  We don’t necessarily recommend using oysters in your recipe, but back in the day they were cheap, so were used to bulk out the meal.
  • Serve your marinaded lamb kebabs with garlic roasted mushrooms and Hasselback potatoes.

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